How to Use This Website

This website offers an in-depth treatment of both chemistry and physics designed for students with no exposure to either topic. This most likely will be middle school students, but many high school teachers may find the site useful as well.

By clicking on “LESSONS” in the menu bar, the user will find a list of unit topics, each of which includes a series of sequential lessons. Each lesson is comprised 6 components:

Video: (A presentation of the lesson)
Summary: (Slides outlining the important points of made in the video)
Math: (In-depth presentation of the math related to the lesson)
Quiz: (Checks student understanding of the lesson, including math concepts. With a teacher subscription, results of each quiz will be sent to the teacher.)
Teacher Resources: (Available by subscription only. Suggestions for class demonstrations, labs, and copyable tests for use in class. Also includes a forum for teacher questions and input.)
Links: (Suggested websites that offer further investigation of the topic being covered.)

The site is intended to be used by students at home as a homework assignment. The lessons are sequential, with the length of each video being no more than 10 minutes. Including the math lesson and quiz, most students should take between 30 and 40 minutes to complete each lesson. This site could be used to enhance the development of a “flipped classroom” in which the material is presented to the student at home through the video lecture and its ancillary materials, leaving the teacher more time to do hands on activities (demonstrations, labs, investigations and practice problems) in class.

The teacher resource page offers valuable suggestions on follow up activities, demonstrations, labs and investigations to be performed in class. It also offers practice problems, tests and quizzes can be copied and /or modified to meet specific needs of the teacher.

Although we encourage teachers to follow the lessons in order, it may be more desirable for some teachers to pick and choose the lessons or parts of lessons out of sequence. In order to customize the lessons to meet individual teacher needs, the right sidebar offers menu items that gives access to all of the Videos, Summaries, Math Lesson, Quizzes and Teacher Resources without having to sort through each lesson.